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Sunday, November 24, 2019

NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag)

Alright Ladies, are you tired of all of the same ol' same ol' range bags? They are pretty much all the same. They are typically offered in solid black, coyote, or od green and are large, bulky, and rectangular with no style whatsoever. How original, right? If you are ready to mix things up and get a range bag with some style and versatility then I've got the answer for you. I give you the NORB from OffHand Gear. NORB stands for No Ordinary Range Bag which is definitely an appropriate name.

These beauties are available in a variety of patterns and materials that are fashion forward. NORBs come with a long bungie strap (except for the NORB-C) which are made to carry the bag messenger style. The strap is very comfortable on the shoulder and allows your hands to be free for whatever else you need to carry. You can also purchase a short detachable carry strap if you desire.

Don't get me wrong, NORBs are as functional as any regular range bag and then some. They are made to carry your firearm, magazines, ammunition, eye and ear protection, and pretty much anything else a woman would need. NORBs have multiple pockets to hold a variety of items and two large compartments. You can even carry a large tablet if you wanted.

In addition to the short carry strap OffHand Gear also offers some other accessories such as velcro holsters which stick to the wall of the inside of the bag, three different sizes of Magpul DAKA pouches, and bullet casing zipper pulls made by your's truly from my company Range Angel Designs.

Now as far as my NORB goes, I chose the Titanium Flowers design. I chose this pattern because I figured it would go with just about anything, but would stand out with it's good looks. I've used my NORB not only as not only a range bag, but also as a regular purse which is one way that they are marketed. You don't have to be going to the range to carry a NORB. The design makes it is very convenient for carrying a concealed firearm along with any other goodies.

I have to mention that not only are these bags fabulous but so is Sandi Dee, the owner of Offhand Gear. I absolutely love supporting other women in the firearms industry and she is definitely deserving. Not only is she the designer of the NORB, but her company also offers several other products for women such as one of a kind rifle handguards and accessories, rifle bags, NORMs (No Ordinary Range Mats, apparel, etc. I definitely recommend that you check out OffHand Gear's website and all of the great products that are offered. I am glad that I did.

Comptac International Holster

Our Comptac Victory Gear holsters are still going strong! If you are looking for a very sturdy, easy draw holster you can't go wrong with these! We have reviewed these holsters before so this is more of a "long term" check in!  

We have been really enjoying shooting the Texas Kalashnikov matches! They provide challenging and unique stages! We shoot in the "Gravy Sucking Capitalist Pig" division! lol

We haven't shot this much in a long time and we are loving every minute of it! It's our "couple's therapy"!